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The Surf Club was originally inspired by the residents of Wrightsville Beach to have a place to dine and entertain during the summer months when many of the inhabitants of the inland communities would come to escape the summer heat. It quickly became the hub of many of the social activities of the area and became a prominent location to hold upscale dining events during the bustling summer season.


Through its history the club has always had a very distinguished membership roster representing all factions of the business and social community. Today it continues to be a favorite place for both beachside dining and more upscale dining in the main club house. It has also become very popular for beachside wedding and reception along with other life celebration occasions.


Memberships are limited and the Club currently has a full complement of members. If you are interested in applying for membership you will have to first be proposed for membership by a current member. Once completing the approval process, you will be added to the wait list.

The club is for the Members and their guests only. Members also have the privilege of sponsoring nonmembers for limited use of the facility as approved by the Board of Governors.

If you have any further need for information please forward your questions to



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